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Week 9 update

Next week we continue work on this research project. No class on Monday, since conferences are ongoing. I'll post those times below in case anyone loses them. Be sure to be using this time for research!! You need time to encounter a few dead ends before that first draft on Wednesday. Also know that your job isn't just to find six sources here--you need to find six good sources that have some connection to one another--covering similar topics, for example. You may need to read twice that many before you really get a good group to focus on.

I've also had several people ask me about the format of this piece. Overall, your goal is not to make a single argumentative point here. Rather, you're talking about these sources--what they say about your subject and where they connect/disagree with one another. You're also evaluating these sources by explaining what you find most or least valuable about them in regards to your research question. That last point is probably the least important for this piece however. So your argument here isn't about your topic--it's about your sources. Your conclusion can state some implications of these sources--whether Splenda really is the best artificial sweetener, for example, and why--but that's not the main focus of your piece.

This piece fits in the broad genre of what's called a "literature review." Those are much more complicated than what you're writing, but here's a link to two examples of those:


You can see how these sources discuss a wide variety of sources on a single subject and try to find some connections to one another. The conclusions of those pieces say something about possibilities of future research and what we can know from what's already been done.

Your draft is due on Wednesday, and we'll revise a piece then as a whole class, continuing to work on style. Friday is revision groups. Let me know if you have any questions about your research or this assignment.