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Week 14 (and last) update

Next week we finish up everything. On Monday, you'll have most of the class time to work on your portfolios. We'll do a little workshopping at the end of that class time. I'll also announce the winners of each debate during that time.

Wednesday is our last class. We'll talk about how this course has gone. I'm also inviting you all to bring snacks/food of your choice to share. We may have a 1/2 hour or so to watch a food related film--if there's one you'd like to nominate, bring it to class.

Portfolios are due Friday by 4 PM (though I will accept them whenever you're done). I'll be in my office Thursday from 10 (or earlier) until 2 and again for most of the day on Friday. If I'm not around during business hours, you can leave portfolios in 150 Wesbrook, the First Year Writing office next door to my office.

I hope you felt this course was worth your time and gave you a variety of experiences with both research and writing. I appreciated your work and always learn from the information and ideas you write about.