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Notes from today's class

Many people weren't at class today (you all are using the revised schedule, right?), so I wanted to post a couple of important notes for next week. I also handed out the short research plan assignment, which is now also posted in the Course Materials section of WebVista. The link to turn that in is now on the WebVista homepage as well.

First, there's two readings on the schedule for next Tuesday. One, "Polaroids" we've already read. I've decided we can read the other one in class--it's a sample paper for this assignment. So no reading needed for that class--just show up.

Second, it sounds like the North High students have decided to just focus on Nicollet Mall for their observations. I'm not crazy about that, since it limits the amount of collaboration we'll have available. But it is what it is. With that in mind, there's not a deeply compelling reason why all groups need to do their observations at the same time--the point of it was to do that with the North students. So after discussing that with people in class today, we voted to cancel that Wednesday observation time.

That means that you are now responsible for setting up a time to do observation and interviewing at space you've chosen to look at. We'll have conferences starting next Thursday to talk about your observations, so it's important that you start those soon--I'll expect you to have done a significant amount of research by that conference time.

One other note not covered in clas: if you were really interested in a particular site but didn't get put in that group, I'm willing to listen to requests to shift sites, with the exception of Central Library, which has already got plenty of attention. If you'd like to switch, send me an email by the end of the weekend (Sunday night) explaining why you'd prefer the new site. This could be a site we've already listed, or somewhere else you'd find interesting. No changes will be allowed after Sunday, however, since you need to start your research after that point.