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Week 2 Update

Next week marks a change of direction for us. Your first draft is due on Tuesday and should be posted on WebVista--all the links for that are in the Essay 1 folder. You have to sign up for a group in your section before being able to post your draft, so if you missed Thursday's class be sure to do that. Let me know ASAP if you have problems and try to be specific about what's not working. Remember that those drafts should be in Word 2003 (.doc) or Rich Text Format (.rtf).

In class next week, we'll work on revising these drafts. On Tuesday we'll talk about peer revision and go over someone's draft in class as well as talking about the revision process more broadly. On Thursday, you will share comments on your classmates' drafts (which you should have read and written on prior to class time) and talk some about formal style. We may also look at some media representations of urban life during that class. Other than reading classmates' drafts, we're done with reading assignments for a few weeks (yay!).

If you're looking for a sample paper,


One other important note: We had an issue come up in our collaboration with North High School for the second project that has required some schedule changes. That mainly affects the 3-4 weeks before spring break. I've made a revised schedule that's now posted on WebVista. I'll also have copies of that revised schedule in class on Tuesday. Dates for that second assignment will change as will the dates we'll be meeting on Wednesday afternoons--now 2/20, 3/5, and 3/26. Let me know if that causes a problem for anyone.