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Week 5 update

Next week we'll be laying the groundwork for this fieldwork project. On Tuesday, we'll be talking about observation, using the reading "Learning How to Look" as a guide for that. You'll actually be doing some observation on campus for this class, fyi. You'll also begin brainstorming research questions and a plan for what to do during the research time. On Thursday, we'll talk a little more about interviewing, again using a reading: "Researching People." We'll practice with that a bit in class and also get to know the digital recorders I'll loan you for the research time.

Not everyone was in class on Thursday, but we assigned people to research sites on that day. I might need to create one more group to fit everyone, which we can talk about on Tuesday.

One last note--I'm in conferences with my other two sections next week, which includes all my office hours. If you'd like to get together to talk, send me an email and we'll set up a time.