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Week 6 notes

Next week the rubber really begins to hit the road with essay 2. Your research plans are due Monday by noon on WebVista--see the link on the homepage for where to turn those in. No need to submit an attachment--just copy and paste your plan into the submission box.

On Tuesday, we'll talk a bit about how to structure this draft. We'll also go over the research plans you submitted on WebVista and do some peer review/workshop. Thursday's class is cancelled, but I will be scheduling conferences--sign for those will be in class on Tuesday. They are required, and we'll be talking about how your research has gone thus far. Come having already done some research to talk about.

For the many of you who missed class yesterday, be sure to read the blog summarizing the changes we made in the class then. Most importantly, the Wednesday research time next week has been cancelled--you're on your own to do research at a time you see fit. Please email me with any questions about that.