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March 28, 2008

No office hours next week

I will not be holding office hours next week due to conferences. Let me know if you feel you need to meet outside of class time and we can set something up.

Week 9 Update

Next week we'll continue work on these literature reviews. It's probably tempting to procrastinate on these, since the first draft isn't due for another week. Don't. This isn't the kind of project that comes together overnight--you need time to go down some wrong paths and to think about how you want the puzzle piece (your sources) to fit together. There's no class next Thursday, since we'll be doing conferences. I'll expect you to come to that conference with a fairly clear topic idea and at least a couple credible sources you might use.

On Tuesday, you should definitely come to class with a topic in mind--I'll be asking you to share those. We'll also look over a sample literature review in class. The last 20 minutes or so will be work time, letting you keep going on your research while I can float around to answer questions or concerns. So come prepared to use that time productively.

March 25, 2008

Reminder about trip to North High tomorrow

A reminder that we're meeting at North High tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. You need to be there by 3:15 and we should be done by 4. Some carpooling was arranged today, but I will also be at the bus stop by Coffman at 2:30 tomorrow to ride over with folks--email me if you plan on meeting me there. A map to North High is posted on WebVista. Plan to meet me around the northwest corner of the building, by the banner that reads "KBEM-FM." We'll hear about what North High students did for this project and share our own findings.

This is considered a regular class meeting, so if you can't make it, it counts as an absence. Let me know if you have any questions.

March 14, 2008

Happy break update

We interrupt this break for a brief update on the course. The week after break will be focused on getting started with your next assignment. We did some brainstorming for that on Thursday. We did some brief brainstorming on possible topics, and I placed a link to that list on WebVista. Try to come to class on Tuesday with a broad topic in mind for this next project--something you'd like to research further.

Your second paper is due the Tuesday after break. Remember that you'll also need to include one example of feedback you gave with that paper. We'll spend the rest of that week talking about your research topic and working on research strategies. On Thursday, we'll walk over to Wilson Library together to see what's available there.

Have a good break!

March 7, 2008

Conference p.s.

Remember that Monday's conferences will be in 276 Appleby, not my office. A missed conference counts as a late assignment.

Week 8 update

Next week we'll be working on your draft. On Tuesday, your first draft is due. Sign up for a revision group under the "Essay 2" folder in WebVista if you haven't already done so. Post your drafts there by class time. We'll revise a draft in class that day and continue to talk about organization. We may also review citing.

On Thursday, we'll do some revision group work--bring comments with you to class. We'll also begin brainstorming for the next paper topics as well.

Here's the conference schedule for Monday:

Monday, March 10:

11:15: Grant G.
11:25 Jonathan F.
11:40 Gwen R.
11:50 Bryant S.
12:00 Nick D.
12:15 Doug B.

1:00 Anna B.
1:15 Frankie A.
1:40 Jason Z.
2:30 Abe G.

March 5, 2008

Conference schedule-Thursday

Here's a list of conferences I have scheduled for tomorrow. Remember that class is cancelled so you can do research and I can conference with you. If you weren't in Tuesday's class, contact me ASAP about setting up another conference time. They're worth up to 10 points, and a missed conference counts as a late assignment. Come prepared to talk about your research. We meet in room 276 Appleby--Amy Lee's name will be on the door.

Thursday, March 6

11:00--Abdullahi A.
11:15--Bounkheanna C.
11:25--Natalie C.

12:05--Mike B.
12:15--Tamika C.
1:00--Danicka B.

March 3, 2008

Bring research plans tomorrow

If you all can print off your research plans before class tomorrow, that will be helpful. We'll be talking about them in class. Also, those of you who got those plans submitted online before today's noon deadline should now have feedback on them. I also plan to have grades updated online before the end of the day. See you tomorrow...