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Week 8 update

Next week we'll be working on your draft. On Tuesday, your first draft is due. Sign up for a revision group under the "Essay 2" folder in WebVista if you haven't already done so. Post your drafts there by class time. We'll revise a draft in class that day and continue to talk about organization. We may also review citing.

On Thursday, we'll do some revision group work--bring comments with you to class. We'll also begin brainstorming for the next paper topics as well.

Here's the conference schedule for Monday:

Monday, March 10:

11:15: Grant G.
11:25 Jonathan F.
11:40 Gwen R.
11:50 Bryant S.
12:00 Nick D.
12:15 Doug B.

1:00 Anna B.
1:15 Frankie A.
1:40 Jason Z.
2:30 Abe G.