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Week 9 Update

Next week we'll continue work on these literature reviews. It's probably tempting to procrastinate on these, since the first draft isn't due for another week. Don't. This isn't the kind of project that comes together overnight--you need time to go down some wrong paths and to think about how you want the puzzle piece (your sources) to fit together. There's no class next Thursday, since we'll be doing conferences. I'll expect you to come to that conference with a fairly clear topic idea and at least a couple credible sources you might use.

On Tuesday, you should definitely come to class with a topic in mind--I'll be asking you to share those. We'll also look over a sample literature review in class. The last 20 minutes or so will be work time, letting you keep going on your research while I can float around to answer questions or concerns. So come prepared to use that time productively.