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Saving audio as an MP3 in Audacity

Today we had a chance to experiment a bit with Audactiy, a free audio editing program. I've put a link to a download page for that program in the Essay 4 folder--it's free and probably the best option of its kind. If you're on a Mac, Garage Band is a better program, I've been told, but it does cost a little money, I think.

When you've created your audio piece, you'll need to save it as an MP3 in order to share it. Instructions for how to do that are posted below.

Important note for Mac users using Garage Band: I believe the default file format for Garage Band is m4a--an Apple only format. You have to use iTunes to convert it to mp3--you can try to google instructions for how to do that. Since mp3s are more universal, that's the format I prefer.

Saving as an MP3 in Audacity
Once you've got your draft in more or less the state you want it, choose "Export as MP3" under the file menu. Audacity needs an additional file (a LAME encoder, in tech speak) to do this, and will ask for that file once you type in a file name to save under. Here's a link to where you can download that LAME file. Once you've downloaded it, double click on the folder, and then again on the next folder that comes up. You should see a file called "lame_enc.dll" Move that file somewhere on the computer you're using (such as in the Documents folder). When Audacity asks you to find that file, simply browse to where you saved it. Then export your file.