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Week 13 update

Next week we'll continue work on this last argumentative assignment. You'll need to turn in a 1st draft of your script (written only--no audio) to your revision group for Tuesday's class. We'll actually be giving feedback in revision groups during that class time, so come with something posted to share. I'll also be handing out microphones during that class and we'll try to figure out a system where everyone will have a chance to record.

On Thursday, we'll talk a bit about your final reflection, which will be due the Monday of finals week. But you'll have most of the class time to work on your own--either editing your script or working with the audio you've already created. Hopefully you'll find that time helpful.

I've blocked out some times next week where I'll have a room and equipment for you to record if we can't figure out a way for everyone to do that on our own. That will include some of Wednesday afternoon as well as times on Thursday morning and Friday afternoon. I'll have a sign up for those times on Tuesday if they're needed.

Hopefully you're finding this a fun and interesting assignment to end the semester. I enjoyed hearing your creations last Thursday and look forward to seeing/hearing what you come up with.