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Confirming final schedule changes

I'm writing to put down on paper the schedule changes we discussed in class today.

1) The final draft of your last project is now due by noon next Monday, May 12th. There are NO late assignments for this assignment--if it's not in by that point, you will not receive credit. You will post the MP3 on the course blog (see my previous post on this) and turn in the script and reflection to WebVista as attachments.

2) If you would like some extra credit, I'm offering a revised version of the final course reflection. You can pick ONE course objective you feel you've either improved on or done well this semester and argue for that, using the criteria talked about on that assignment. You'll receive up to 10 points extra credit for doing so. Turn that in by Monday noon as well on WebVista.

On Thursday, we'll talk about how the course went, finish up revision groups, go over the final reflection extra credit, and you'll have time to work as needed. Feel free to bring food if you'd like.

Please let me know if you have questions about this change.