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Course wrap up

Just to repeat, your final audio projects are due Monday by noon. There's two places where those need to get posted:

1) Audio goes on the project blog. Instructions on that here:

2) The script (with citations) and your project reflection are submitted as attachments on WebVista through the "On the Air" link. More information on the project reflection can be found here:


In addition, those reflections can be places to explain any technical difficulties you encountered while creating this project--explaining how your project is weaker than you'd like it to be.

In addition to that final project, you have the option of completing the extra credit option for the final course reflection. That can also be submitted as an attachment on WebVista and is described in this post:


All work must be submitted by that noon deadline--I will not accept late work after that point. I hope to post grades on WebVista by the end of the day Wednesday (possibly sooner) and will turn in grades to the U sometime late Thursday.

Let me know if you have any questions about all this as we wrap up.