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Last week!!!

Second drafts of your commentary are due next Tuesday. If you'd like to assure feedback from me, however, you need to post by Monday at noon. I'll try to get those back as soon as I can, certainly no later than Tuesday afternoon and probably before. I can't guarantee feedback on drafts posted after that point. Remember to post both the text of your script (the Word document) and an MP3 of your project.

**IMPORTANT: Bring headphones to class on Tuesday so you can revise in class!!!**

In class on Tuesday, we'll do that revision and you'll have a chance to fill out course evaluations. We'll also talk briefly about the project reflection, which should be turned in with the final draft. It should be 1-2 pages long and answer the following questions:

1) How did you try to make this project interesting and appealing for your audience?
2) How did you try to make your argument relevant and convincing for your audience?
3) Why did you include the audio background you did? What does it add to your project?

As I grade this project, 80 points will go to the piece itself, based on your argument, appeal, evidence, and style/conciseness. 20 points will go to the reflection, based on how well you explain the decisions you made.

The final project is due on Thursday. You'll post that on a project blog, which I'll also mention on Tuesday. Just bring the MP3 to class with you. I'll also ask for a printed copy of your script and project reflection. We'll spend most of that time debriefing the course and talking about the final course reflection, due Monday of finals week.

We're almost done!!