Funk the police

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The MTV "Funk the police" by N.W.A reflects the tension between the black youth and police. N.W.A expresses that the black youth were treated by the police's brutality and they felt very unequal since they were seen as difference from the white, which led to much wrath toward the police. They used hip pop music to express their anger and try to challenge authority to protect their own rights. Even though this song could be criticized by public and could be a barrier for them to keep playing hip pop music, I admired their courage to protest and challenge some authorities. Not all youth have such courage and action to protect their rights and express anger toward powerful authority. Instead, some teenagers choose to compliant. If everyone is afraid of the powerful administrators, the society is very danger since it won't go forward any longer. Thus, I think modern education should encourage the youth to think critically, express their thoughts, challenge authorities including teachers, parents and leaders in other areas. Ordinary people have less power than authorities, which doesn't mean they have to be oppressed and need to obey every rule unconditionally. The black youth raised revolt against the police due to the police's violence in the MTV. And in daily life some children may quarrel with their parents because they think they have different ideas which aren't respected and accepted by their parents. Those teenagers' behaviors are examples to challenge authorities and try to receive respect and understanding. Rebel behaviors result from repression in the communication between parents and other authorities. Most people think the youth have such bad behaviors that they need to be prevented and gain some punishment. However, what we should consider most is that why they have such behaviors. Sometimes, we should appreciate their courage to challenge authority rather than blame on their rebel. A great progress will come in the society if the youth have chances to express their opinions against some authorities and the authorities can accept them and make some changes. Thus, some revolt for the society is significant to some extent.

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