Michael Jackson

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Michael Jackson is one of the most successful singers since his music has a great influence to the world. Besides music, some people considered Michael Jackson as stars with some negative impacts such as his appearance, skin and the sexual abuse of child. After I watched this video, I concerned that why someone argued that Michael Jackson bleached his skin in order to look like white. The video "black or while" convinced me that Michael Jackson liked the black community and advocated the society to eliminate racial discrimination. He agreed black and white should be equal and showed his disgruntled racial discrimination through brokening the car window written words about racial discrimination in the video. Also, he danced with the indigenous African. Sometimes, people and media focus on the negative news on Michael Jackson. Some people had bad comments on Michael Jackson when media reported that he had face-lifting and bleached his skin. Michael Jackson was also reported child sexual abuse so he was condemn by public. Actually, not enough evidences showed this news was correct. While someone pay high attention on such bad news on Michael Jackson, they ignored something meaningful he had done besides music. For example, Michael Jackson was keen on charity and kept funding 39 charity organizations in his whole life. In Guinness World Record, he donated the most among all artists around the world. Not only he had a great achievement in musical life but also he made a huge contribution to the philanthropy. However, the media focus less on this huge contribution to the world so less people knew it clearly. The public spend more time discussing the bad news from superstars rather than judging the fact objectively. Some media hype some rumors, which affects audience's attitude toward stars and is very irresponsible for stars. In my opinion, I admire Michael Jackson a lot and I hope some people can view some events legitimately.

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