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Madonna is a well-know singer all over the world and she has gained many rewards. I like her songs and lyrics which can inspire listeners, express feeling or reflect the change in the society. And she always conveys her message in a timely and fresh ways. She is my idol since I am inspired by some of her personalities and songs. The song "vogue" ranked at number five on" The top 100 Video in 2006 was one of obvious examples. It is a dance-pop song and Madonna and her dancers use a song and posts to convey what is vogue. The lyrics in "vogue" mention that "all you need is imagination". It makes sense since imagination is significant in my life. I need to dream for my future life and strive for making my imagination come true. If I have no imagination, I will lose my life direction. The other lyrics I like is that "Go inside, for your finest inspiration". Imagination can be a kind of inspiration so that I can gain power and incentives to have a try though it may be hard. In addition, Madonna likes innovation which may come from her imagination. Her innovative dance and songs communicate a lot of viewpoints associated with modern society and daily emotion. From this song, I have a strong feeling that she is very enthusiastic in music because she can find her soul in music. And the lyrics says "Soul is in the musical. That's where I feel so beautiful ", which is her self expression. She convices her listeners that her soul is in music and music is her life. Her love and passion toward music bring her a great achievement in her career. In fact, I also can find my soul and enjoy my beautiful life if I can hold passion toward my life. When I listen to their songs, I will pay high attention to her lyrics since I can be inspired and encouraged though the wonderful lyrics. Madonna brins much positive influence to the society and the lyrics in her song is a way for someone to know the change in society and culture. And they always can inspire the listeners. I hope that she can achieve higher altitude in her musical life.

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