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Responses to Religious Imagination of American Women

For extra credit, add some comments here on what you found valuable about Mary Bednarowski's book, The Religious Imagination of American Women. I'm planning to write her a letter about my own responses reading this book again, and would like to include any thoughtful reflections that you would be willing to share with her.


First let me say of all the books that I have read in the class this one was more enjoyable. The reasons of this is that it was easy reading. There was less condemning than that of the other women’s books. It seems to be a book more on the side of self improvement.

this book was very interesting, easy to read and the topics were very relevant. All the information could be applied to daily living and so it made it my best book.

Ms. Bednarowski's book was such a smart way to summarize the feminist theological material. She covered all of the topics so clearly and eloquently. I really enjoyed her tone, as if we were having a conversation and we were in the middle of an interesting discussion about women and religion. I especially enjoyed the last chapter on healing, because I believe that achieving wholeness is our ultimate goal and it is an important way to wrap up this conversation.