February 2, 2006

Ebooks and the new world order

Those who are tired of movies and television might try books. Some people read books best through their ears. There's a new library service in Minneapolis, and likely other places as well, that allows one to download audiobooks to one's computer and then to mp3 players (though, in Minneapolis, not Ipods). Anyhow, this is a small new option with huge possibilities, because audiobooks downloaded this way are available simultaneously to everyone who wants them. That solves a huge problem for bookclubs and "let's have the whole town read the same book" initiatives: how to get that many copies into people's hands, all at the same time. I'm hoping this innovation prompts the spread of bookclubs among audio people, and the spread of audio among readers.

Posted by shea0017 at February 2, 2006 12:13 PM