December 7, 2006

Extra Credit

Extra Credit Writing Exercise – Due December 14

In response to the request for some opportunity to do extra credit work to help with the grades, here’s a holiday writing exercise in ethics:

Describe a moral question or problem that you or someone you know is facing. It is important to choose something that matters and that is difficult, requires real thought. For each of the figures we have studied, describe the advice that figure would give. Use the sheet from class the last night to remind you of the basic positions of these folks. Once you have considered all of their advice, say what you would decide, and why.

Here's the summary sheet: Download file

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December 1, 2006

Reading for the December 5 class

The December 5 class is our last full class period, though I will meet class for the final exam period the next week. There was a request in class for an extra credit option: please check this site for an update on that in the next day or so. Also, please read the following for class on the last day: Brothers and Sisters (394-399); Dismantling the Castle (331); White Canyon (372-389); In the Garden of the North American Martyrs (332-345). Take the pieces in this order. If you have time left over, read Bly's commentary.

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