January 24, 2007

How to win and lose, both at once

In a recent letter to the editor of the Star Tribune, Peter Agre, a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry and Augsburg College graduate, makes an important and subtle point about the value of Ivy League educations for success in science. He notes that top ranked schools enable one to make good connections, but suggests that solid work counts more than connections in the long run, for some things.

So a student might succeed and yet fail: good connections plus medium hard work might yield a decent, tenured job and a modest research record. But such a student might never be faced with the necessity of working to capacity, and so might never discover what his or her true capacity is, might also never discover anything about the universe that wouldn’t have been discovered next week by somebody else.

Jesus says: “Enter through the narrow gate.?

Posted by shea0017 at 10:09 AM