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Aristotle's Ethics and Stoic Ethics (A)

Here is the handout from the last class: Download file

For next week, please read pages 319 - 338 in Annas. Be ready for a quiz addressing these matters:

1. How does Aristotle organize the various kinds of advice about how to live? (sections 1,2)

2. What major opinions does Aristotle survey regarding the highest human good? (section 4) What arguments does he give against each candidate? (section 5)

3. What reasons does Aristotle give for taking happiness to be the human good? (section 7)

4. Why is it important to Aristotle to determine the human function? (7) What is his final view of the function of human beings, and how does he argue that that is the function of human beings?

5. How far does Aristotle go in agreeing with common views about the human good? How does he correct or modify those views? (8)

6. On what points do the Stoics disagree with Aristotle?