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John Stuart Mill (G)

Mill's book On Liberty is an accessible book that introduces you to the climate of Mill's mind: his talent for argument, his willingness to seek out and answer objections, his amazing thoroughness and care in discussion. It is comparatively easy to grasp his general point: a wide diversity of expressed opinion, a comparable diversity of lifestyle, contribute to the well-being of individuals and to the health of society. It is important however to go beyond this general grasp, to trace out the intricacies of his argument and to come to appreciate the richness and power of his mind. I have prepared some notes on the first two chapters of On Liberty, to help you get access to this work. Please study these notes over the break: Download file

There's a revised course calendar: Download file

For Thursday, please read in the Mill anthology: the first two chapters of Utilitarianism, from 233-260. Please check the blog again on Monday. I hope to have some notes ready then to guide our discussion of this material. Also please read the sections on Mill's life, on utilitarianism and on Mill's social and political philosophy in the Mill article from the Stanford Encyclopedia. Here is the address: http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/mill/