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November 14, 2007

Aristotle's Account of the Human Good- Response Paper 3 (A)

Here's the assignment sheet for the third response paper, due November 27: Download file

November 10, 2007

Simone Weil Assignment (G)

In Weil's Waiting for God, read the bio in the very back (first). Read the intro and letters for background. We will concentrate on "Forms of the Implicit Love of God."

In connection with that essay, look for answers to these questions:

1. What love of God is distinguished from "implicit love of God," for Weil? Why does she talk about some love of God as implicit?

2. What are the objects of the implicit love of God?

3. For Weil, what is the center of the love of neighbor?

4. How does Weil understand the idea of God's creation?

5. What is the meaning of the book title, Waiting for God? Why does it fit this book?

6. How is love of the order of the world similar to love of neighbor?

7. For Weil, love of religious practices and participation in them, does not imply religious belief. Why not?

8. Weil values and desires friendship, and yet she is very worried about it becoming impure, losing its ultimate, religious value as a way of loving God? How does she see that happening?

Changing the Bully (S)

Here's the last writing assignment: Download file

In Bly -- borrowed copies or copy on reserve in the library, read intro and pages 1- 47.

Make sure you are clear about these matters:

a. What does Bly think about he view that there are natural leaders and natural followers? What alternative idea does she offer?
b. What is the point of the story about the Airedale in the introduction to the book, and how does this story predict the overall attitude that Bly will take to serious social problems?
c. There are many different points one might get out of the essay ‚ÄúDeath Games.‚Ä? What is Bly‚Äôs main interest in this essay?
d. What does Bly mean by ‚Äúpartializing?‚Ä? What good does this kind of conversation do for people?
e. What does Bly mean by ‚Äúcultural abuse?‚Ä? Why is the pastor‚Äôs comment, reported on page 33, an example of cultural abuse?
f. What does Bly mean by a ‚Äútoady?‚Ä?

Ancient -- lectures, paper assignment, reading (A)

The due date for the next response paper is Novemer 27.

Review my notes on the "How Shall We Live?" section. Download file

Read through the beatitudes and think a bit about its relation to the questions about the best human life -- the dialogue with Aristotle -- which were subject of the last class. Think about where Jesus is positioned in this debate.

The Plotinus is very rich and very fine, and we have to skip it if we are to have any decent time for epistemology.

Please read the Laches selection in the section on Knowledge and be able to reconstruct the twists and turns of Socrates' questioning, the flaws of the various definitions presented. Here are some notes: Download file
Think about the questions that Annas asks about this dialogue.