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Changing the Bully (S)

Here's the last writing assignment: Download file

In Bly -- borrowed copies or copy on reserve in the library, read intro and pages 1- 47.

Make sure you are clear about these matters:

a. What does Bly think about he view that there are natural leaders and natural followers? What alternative idea does she offer?
b. What is the point of the story about the Airedale in the introduction to the book, and how does this story predict the overall attitude that Bly will take to serious social problems?
c. There are many different points one might get out of the essay ‚ÄúDeath Games.‚Ä? What is Bly‚Äôs main interest in this essay?
d. What does Bly mean by ‚Äúpartializing?‚Ä? What good does this kind of conversation do for people?
e. What does Bly mean by ‚Äúcultural abuse?‚Ä? Why is the pastor‚Äôs comment, reported on page 33, an example of cultural abuse?
f. What does Bly mean by a ‚Äútoady?‚Ä?