September 5, 2007

Syllabi (A) (G) (SS)

Here are the syllabi for the three courses treated in this blog: Great Philosophers Download file ; Ancient Philosophy Download file ; School and Society Download file

September 2, 2007

In the beginning

This blog documents three courses developed together as part of an undergraduate introductory curriculum: "Great Philosophers," 'Ancient Philosophy," and "School and Society." It serves the daily business of each course, as a place to post syllabi, exercises, reading questions. It also contains reflections on meeting philosophy for the first time and discussions of the connections among the different kinds of introduction. I hope that this blog will be of use to students seeking multiple perspectives on what philosophy is, and that it will be of use to teachers preparing introductory philosophy courses.

Please note the top level categories in this blog; entries pertaining to particular courses will be designated by the course name. Entries discussing the general introductory project will be categorized as "general."