At Walker Art Center, 'Naked' Is More Work Than It Seems

Walking into the darkened space, one can see two pale, naked figures spread over a nest of feathers and straw, their movements hardly perceptible.

Since Nov. 2, for six hours a day, six days a week Eiko and her husband Koma have been putting on their "Naked" exhibit at the Walker Art Center. However, simply being naked isn't as easy as one might think, as MPR reports.

"We are part of a picture where people can project something ancient, something weak, something fragile," Eiko said. "And that takes a physical strength in a very strange way because we are not moving in a normal way."

Spectators sit just a few feet from the performing couple, and can come and go as they please; a good thing, since the performance may not be for everyone, including one man quite taken aback by what he saw.

"'What's this? This is crazy,'" says Eiko, mimicking his reaction

"'Insane!'" adds Koma.

"'This is INSANE!,'" she echoes. "And then they left," she laughs. "And I kind of agreed."

Even when no one is watching, the show still goes on.

"I feel like a dog, waiting for someone to come and pet me," Eiko laughs. "Very lonely."

"Sometimes I feel like an animal in the zoo, before they open the gate," Koma said.

After the show at The Walker ends Nov. 30, Eiko and Koma will remount their performance in Chicago and New York.

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