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Amid brewing ethnic conflict, Russian police arrested 800 demonstrators in Moscow on Saturday, many of them young nationalists, to prevent large scale outbreaks of ethnic violence.

According to Reuters, hundreds of russian youths gathered for a sanctioned demonstration uner the Ostankino television tower in northern Moscow, chanting slogans like, "patriotism is not fascism."

According to Moscow police spokesman Viktor Biryukov, most of the demonstrators were in their early teens, and there had been no violence. "The rally was sanctioned, but soon the young people got bored, split into groups and started marching with flaming torches toward the metro," he said. "This was illegal of course, and the police made arrests."

The arrests came a week after about 7,000 soccer fans and nationalists chanted racist slogans while demonstrating near Red Square, and attacked minority passersby, injuring more than 30 people.

According to the Washington Post, the soccer incident was sparked after a young Moscow soccer fan was killed by rubber bullets in a fight with people from the Caucasus region.

Those in the region have traditionally been victims of ethnic discrimination, and after the killing, mobs rioted outside the Kremlin, attacking people from the Caucasus.

Two Be or Not Two Be President in Ivory Coast

After a presidential election that was supposed to be a step towards unity for the people of Ivory Coast, the two candidates have claimed the presidency, swearing themselves into office Saturday.

Laurent Gbagbo, president for the last 10 years, currently has the support of the army and legal authorities within the country. The nation's constitutional council threw out hundreds of thousands of ballots for opposition candidate Alassane Ouattarra, citing allegations of intimidation, according to Reuters.

Taking his oath of office Saturday, Gbagbo wished for an end to foreign interference in the country's election. "I wish that some of these parties would hold themselves back," he said. "Here in our country we dont ask anyone to come into your country"

However, the African Union, U.N., United States and European Union have all declared Ouattarra, former Ivorian prime minister, the rightful winner of the contest, according to CNN.

Ouattarra submitted his own oath Saturday, and took steps towards forming his own government.

The power struggle has now spread to the streets of the capital city Abidjan, alight with tire fires as rival supporters clash with each other and security forces.

Many Ivorians fear another civil war is brewing, like those the country endured in 2002 and 2003.

Cleaning Out Filthy Canals: At Least It's Work

Duquesne Fils-Aime, 41, spent months looking for work in his ravaged country of Haiti before taking one of the few steady jobs around: cleaning by hand the putrid canals that are spreading cholera to thousands of Haitians, killing more than 1,100 people already.

"We do the bad," Fils-Aime said, summarizing his work, "and maybe people don't get sick."

In an unbelievable description by The Star Tribune, he descends, stripped to the waist, into the slough of plastic bags and bottles, shredded underwear, shoes, and black globs of an unknown substance. Gasps rise from an astonished crowd as he dunks his head under the fetid slurry.

Fortunate that no animal carcasses were among the filth on that day, Fils-Aime hands garbage to a crew member on land, and little by little they make progress in the canal

On land the debris is made into piles for collection by a truck that may or may not come.

Regardless, the men working here are thankful for the $112 a month, even with the overwhelming risk of getting cholera themselves. "I don't care about cholera," Odvel Etienne, 24, said, emerging from the black water, "we are all going to die someday."

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