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Female British Sailor release suspended

The StarTribune.com reports Iran said they will not release the only female prisoner from their custody. The 15 sailors may be put on trial first for going in Iran's waters during a routine search of an Iraqi merchant vessel. Faye Turney is the only woman held in custody in Iran.

But Gen. Ali Reza Afshar, Iran's military chief, said that because of the "wrong behavior" by the British government, "the release of a female British soldier has been suspended," the semiofficial Iranian news agency Mehr reported.

Ynetnews.com reports a second letter from Turney has been released by the Iranian government. In the letter Turney wants the British forces to withdraw from Iraq. The letter also states the sailors were in Iranian waters and the soldiers are being treated humanely, given food and clothing.

"The somewhat stilted language of the letter led some linguistic experts to suggest the text may have been written originally in Farsi and then translated into English."