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Cho fit profile of a school shooter

The StarTribune reports Cho Seung-Hui, the man who was responsible for the shootings at Virginia Tech, fit the profile a person who needed help. His background indicates he was a stereotypical school shooter, a painfully awkward, picked-on young man who lashed out with unbelievable fury at the world he believed was out to get him.

"In virtually every regard, Cho is prototypical of mass killers that I've studied in the past 25 years," said Northeastern University criminal justice professor James Alan Fox, co-author of 16 books on crime. "That doesn't mean, however, that one could have predicted his rampage."

The Kansascity.com reports Cho sent up warning signs with his strange behavior long in advance.

the 23-year-old South Korean immigrant was sent to a psychiatric hospital and pronounced an imminent danger to himself. He was accused of stalking two women and photographing female students in class with his cell phone. His violence-filled writings were so disturbing that he was removed from one class, and professors begged him to get counseling.

High school classmates said he was teased and picked on, apparently because of shyness and his mumbly way of speaking.




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