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Obama receives $25 million in contributions

Cbsnews.com reports Sen. Barack Obama hauled in $25 million from contributions. The Illinois Senator collected all the money in three months of this year and was just $1 million less than rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's record haul and was a remarkable feat for a novice in national politics.

"He was the newcomer, he was the outsider, and this shows he's a serious candidate," said Ron Parker, a Democratic strategist in Iowa, home of the nation's first nominating caucuses. "It shows he can do a lot more than draw big crowds."

The NY Times reports Democrats raised a total of about $78 million, compared with just over $51 million by their rivals, according to preliminary first-quarter figures provided by the campaigns. Since 1976 Republicans in every presidential primary season have been the top fund-raiser.

The Democratic party is happy with the contributions and feel confident they will win the White House back. Democrats are not only happy for the party, but they have confidence in their candidates as well.