Pakistani jet crashes

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A Pakistani passenger jet crashed in a wheat field as it was trying to land during a thunderstorm at an airport near the capital city of Islamabad, according to the Associated Press.

The AP reported that 127 people were aboard the plane, but Reuters reported that there were 131 passengers.

The plane was traveling from the countries largest city, Karachi, and crashed about five nautical miles from the airport, according to Reuters.

A governor minister expressed that there was little hope of any survivors, the AP reported.

The airplane was operated by Bhoja Air, and an official said there were 116 passengers and up to six crew members, according to Reuters. However this fact causes discrepancy between the two reported numbers.

A violent thunderstorm was hitting the capital at the time of the crash with heavy rain and winds, the AP reported.

The last major aviation accident in Pakistan happened in July 2010 when another passenger airplane carrying 152 people crashed into the hills overlooking Islamabad, according to Reuters.

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