Photo ID amendment passes Senate

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The Minnesota Senate put approved putting the photo ID constitutional amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot, according to the Pioneer Press.

The Republican controlled Senate approved the bill 35-29 on Wednesday, which could change the Minnesota voting system significantly, the Star Tribune reported.

It would require all voters to show ID at the polls, it would create a new system of provisional voting, would stiffen eligibility requirements, and the only usable ID would be "government issued, according to the Star Tribune.

Republicans argued that the amendment is needed in order to fight voting fraud. Democrats said that it would disenfranchise voters who did not have a government issued photo ID, the Pioneer Press reported.

All speakers of the Senate expect that there will be court challenges to the amendment, the Star Tribune reported.

The legislature passed a photo ID bill last year, but it was vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton. The Republicans decided to go the constitutional amendment route to avoid another veto, according to the Pioneer Press.

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