Rybak says north Minneapolis is key to cities success.

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Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak said the fate of the the overall health of the city is directly linked to the fate of north Minneapolis in his State of the City address, Wednesday, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The address took place at the Capri Theater on West Broadway and lasted nearly an hour, as Rybak talked about nearly the same themes as he did six years ago, according to the Star Tribune.

Rybak noted many of the neighborhood's successes, such as how violence has dropped nearly 45 percent since his last State of the City at Capri Theater in 2006, according to the Minnesota Daily.

Rybak spoke a significant amount about the city's past accomplishments and existing programs, but he also talked about several goals for the North Side, according to the Star Tribune.

Rybak placed a high priority on improving housing in order to get more people to move into the city, according to the Minnesota Daily.

The mayor also announced a program called Urban Scholars that will bring in mainly black college students as City Hall interns, the Star Tribune reported.

Rybak said that if north Minneapolis prospers, the whole region will benefit, the Minnesota Daily reported.

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