April 12, 2005

The first time I rode the lightrail was this year. I had just moved into my dorm that day and my dad told me he was taking me out to dinner and then a surprise afterwards. We ate downtown at a cool restaurant. After that, he took me on the lightrail and we went to the metrodome to see the football game. I remember standing on the boarding platform, I thought it was really cool and I felt like I was going on trip on a train or something. When I first saw the lightrail, I thought of how the yellow color catches the eye. When I first stepped on the lightrail, I was expecting a gross smell but it actually smelled alright. I was reminded of when I rode on something like a lightrail at an airport in Florida.
For this assignment, I rode the lightrail and got off at the 38th station. I thought it was really cool, especially the roof inside. It's got a really artsy look to it. I believe that this station has synecdoche. I think that this station reflects the location area because that area is urban and crafty.

Posted by sher0368 at April 12, 2005 2:08 PM