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a cup of couture with miss peloquin


Janna Peloquin is every bit as stylish as one would expect a fashion editor to be. As she rushes into Urban Bean coffee shop in Uptown Minneapolis, she remains cool and unruffled by the chaos around her.We begin with the basic introductions and usual small talk, and I soon learn I don't have to prod or probe Jahna for answers; the conversation feels more like a colloquial dialogue between friends than a formal interview. She speaks softly, her demeanor is gentle and welcoming, polite yet sincere. I have asked her to meet me to discuss her life as a local Twin Cities journalist, and her enthusiastic responses flow effortlessly.

It became clear to me why Ms. Peloquin has quickly become one of the most renowned freelance fashion writers in the Twin Cities, as I read her articles in L'etoile, a Minneapolis-based online fashion magazine and from following her blog, Le Petite Connaisseur de La Mode, which METRO magazine has consistently awarded "best fashion blog" for the past five years.

Much like myself, Jahna admits that she is no expert when it comes to technology, and we begin to discuss the downsides as well as the disadvantages of the new school of journalism and emerging new social media. "For me, in a lot of ways it's disappointing that basically anyone out there today can call themselves a journalist. I found that a girl I used to know is now working as a 'journalist' but never went to university and actually got a degree. That's frustrating because there's a lot of really bad writing in today's journalism world, and with more and more social media and a never-ending flow of information, I think we've lost touch with what constitutes 'good' writing," Jahna explains, "There's a definite focus on quantity over quality today."

As a college senior approaching graduation and (gasp!) the daunting "real-world", I asked Jahna what was the one piece of advice she would give someone entering this career path. "Find what you love to do. Get involved and get as much experience as you can. It can be overwhelming dealing with so much information and constant deadlines, and I can't say I'll be doing the same thing in five years, but I consider myself very lucky to have found a happy balance in my life doing what I love."

Jahna Peloquin is a contributing writer for Star Tribune's,, l'etoile magazine, Secrets of the City, and LOL/OMG. She has been a stylist for Juut, Vitamin Water, Minnesota Bride, MN Opera, METRO magazine, and is lead stylist for VOLTAGE: Fashion Amplified. Her blog "Le Petite Connaisseur de La Mode" has been awarded best fashion blog by METRO magazine for the last five years.

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