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iron jawed angels

when i went home last weekend, i bought iron jawed angels because i really watched to see all of the movie, so on friday night, my friend and i watched it in its entirety. i think the movie is very powerful and portrays the events with accuracy and i liked it very much but i was pissed about the romantic entanglement that occurs between alice paul and the most likely fictional character ben weissman. we talked about this issue in class and i thought it was silly then that the movie had to be affected by hollywood and the writers felt that they had to make it more likable and sellable to the people that aren't watching it with just a simple interest in the historical value. but after actually watching and witnessing the "relationship," i was just mad. it was unnecessary in the first place but when the movie ended and i realized that they hadn't even really concluded the love story, i was doubly mad. it was pretty pointless. a lot of times i felt myself thinking "don't distract her! she's doing important things! more important than you!" and the scene where both of them are making tea is also rather irrelevant to the plot (but not to the romance plot of course). but perhaps the strangest scene or the most surprising to me was that in which hilary swank is masturbating in the bathtub mixed with the two of them dancing. i have contradicting thoughts about this scene. first, this exemplifies our society's obsession with sex and erotic acts involving women in a movie that should be void of that and it objectifies her. but on the other hand, this scene fights against the idea that she needed a man for pleasure, that women can't and shouldn't masturbate, and presented the contrasting idea that a woman can be in charge of her own sexuality.