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the handbra


i just saw this picture and i was like good grief. i would die if i saw someone actually wearing this and i would really like to believe that no woman would actually wear this but then i can really easily picture some woman on the beach sporting this hideous article of "clothing".

this picture makes me think about:
- cheesiness
- sex appeal
- body image
- sexism
- man's authority, ownership over the female body

the website that feminsting links to has a section for comments and two of the three comments on the page are very sexist.
zack says

"These bras are not supposed to be worn inside a t-shirt anyway. :) Love to see one of these on the street."

and edward wolf says
"I have two hands. Where do I apply for the job?"

i'm not surprised that it's two males commenting because the bra is ultimately for them, for women to parade around in showing off their bodies. zack obviously is expecting to see the woman walking around only in that because he sees it's not for a tshirt yet he would love to see one on the street.