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What parts of the process worked well? What parts of your process did not work so well?
I think verification part worked well. When we implemented some functions, we tested each time and found some problems soon together, so we could develop the iteration effectively. Therefore, I can say this part of process worked very well. Pair work is very nice to find error because not only one person try to find it, but two people do.
On the other hand, we did not design the iteration's functions at first. My problem is that first I wrote some codes for some functions. At the same time, my partner was also did same thing. Both codes works well, but both codes are very different each other, so even though both methods work, we have to choose one of them. In the iteration, I used the declaration in Scanner class, but my partner used external file to do same thing. Actually, My partner's method was more simple and effective, so we could choose good one. However, I thought we needed to design our program to prevent mistake or confusion like this.

How was it to work in pairs?
My pair process:
First, we made prototype program which is very simple during our lab section, and next we worked on it separately. After some days, we compared which one more works well and chose better one to develop. Then, we did same process some times. This was our basic process of developing in the iteration1.

This was first pair work in CSCI3081, so I was little nervous because I did not know my partner until this assignment began, but my partner is really good man and helped me so much. I also could learn a lot of things from this assignment, especially, I could understand how much important to follow the software developing model. In addition, my partner made me work harder. This is really good thing, f course because he encouraged me to work well.

In real work, we have to work with someone, so this project was really beneficial for me to work with other people on a team project. Because of the pair work, I could know how the communication with the same team member is important and how we develop a software as project. I think individual work is easy to do because you only need to think about you. However, pair work or project sometimes give you new ideas which you don't know. It's really helpful and beneficial. You also can share your idea, feeling, and anything with your team member. Clearly, it helps you how to make it dream come true. If you don't like to do(I mean if you don't want to share your opinion or idea with someone), you don't need to go to college! A college is really good place to discuss and exchange ideas and opinions.

What will you need to change for the next iteration to be more successful?

For next iteration assignment, I need to change my working speed. Actually, my working spend was not fast compared to my partner, so my partner did many things on the iteration1 before I did same things, so when we compare own code each other after individual works, I usually replaced from my code to my partner's code because it was better than mine. This is pair work, so it is fine, but I think each member should contribute to a project as much as possible. Of course, it is not good to impose on too much works. In consideration of abilities each other, we should work effectively.

In addition, I need to change planning how to develop project work. This time I did not design our program and just did implementation part as much as I can. Therefore, it was little tough for me. For the next iteration, I need to follow to software developing model more than now. I believe it makes us develop software more effectively.

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