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A special issue on Social Stratification Studies in East Asia has been out from the Asian Journal of Social Science (AJSS) (Volume 39, No.1, 2011).

Koichi Hasegawa and I have selected and edited 5 enthusiastic research papers presented at the Tohoku University-National University of Singapore Joint Forum of Sociology and Social Stratification Studies held in Singapore back in February 2009.

Please find an introductory essay here: "Inequalities and Disparities in Globalised Asia" (AJSS 39(1), 2011).

Reference: Hasegawa, Koichi and Chika Shinohara, eds. 2011. Social Stratification Studies in East Asia (special issue), the Asian Journal of Social Science (AJSS, Volume 39, No.1).

Families in Asia: Home and Kin

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Families in Asia: Home and Kin by Stella Quah is now out for its second edition.

I read this first edition, presented it in my class as a graduate student in the U.S., wrote a review for its second edition recommendation to Routledge, Tayler & Francis, used part of this book when I taught Sociology of the Family, met the author here in Singapore, and finally heard from her that the second edition is out!




In Singapore this ad is for Aussie pork.

This Mr. Pink Pig painted on a bus tells people on the street how cool and always chilled he is. First, I did not get what this is about. A few seconds later, I realized this was an eventually eaten pig or Mr. Pork-to-be... I really do not have words for you, Mr. Cool...



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