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Bruininks submits budget to Board of Regents

University of Minnesota President Robert Bruininks unveiled his budget request plan to university Board of Regents Friday.
The Pioneer Press reports that the plan is asking for $141.2 million in new money from the state legislature over the next two years.
Minnesota Public Radio reports that there are three major cruxes to Bruininks request.
Bruininks is requesting $95 million for faculty and staff raises for the next two years. He is also asking for $16 million to put towards student scholarships. Bruininks especially hopes to assist students coming from middle-income backgrounds. Bruininks final major request is $30 million to further increase research at the university.
University regent Dean Johnson told MPR that he told Bruininks that “he faces an uphill battle in asking for an increase in funding, because the state faces tough economic times.?
The Board of Regents will vote in October whether or not to submit the plan to the legislature, and the legislature won't vote on spending until their spring session.
If Bruininks doesn't get all the funding he requests, students could face even higher tuition and the school deeper budget cuts.
Bruininks proposed plan already includes a 4.5 percent increase in tuition and $26 million in budget cuts, according to the Pioneer Press, but Bruininks cited those two areas as spots where more money could be raised if necessary.