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Preparations made as Ike nears shore

The effects of Hurricane Ike are beginning to be felt by residents in Galveston, Texas, the AP reports.
Although the storm isn't expected to hit land until late Friday or early Saturday, the city of Galveston was being hit with waves as tall as 15 feet.
Galveston residents had already been ordered to evacuate or they would face, as the National Weather Service put it, “certain death.?
In anticipation of the potentially devastating hurricane, the Federal Emergency Management Agency had already begun moving in millions of meals ready to eat into Texas.
The Houston Chronicle reports that “FEMA is anticipating that about 100,00 homes will be flooded and as many as several million people could be without power.?
The Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said that “this is pretty much a worse-case scenario for flooding the Gulf Coast area.?
“Hurricane warnings were in effect over a 400-mile stretch of coastline from south of Corpus Christi to Morgan City, La.,? the AP reports. Houston is in Ike's potential path, although citizens there have been told not to evacuate.
The last time a major hurricane hit this Galveston and Houston was in 1983, when Hurricane Alicia caused $2 billion in damage.