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U.S. radar system set up in Israel

Israel has received an American made missile radar in another move meant to shore up its defenses against a possible Iranian attack, Reuters reports.
The X-band radar and its American operating crew were installed at a military base in southern Israel.
No official announcements have been made regarding the installation of the system, but the New York Times reports an official confirmed a report that the radar had been flown to Israel.
The radar provides increased defense against a possible Iranian attack for Israel and gives the United States the power to restrict Israel from taking independent military action against Iran, the New York Times reports.
Reuters reports one official as saying “"This is a major upgrade in bilateral preparations for the threats facing Israel.? When asked about specific threats, the official mentioned Iran and Syria.
The New York Times reports that there is growing concern in Israel about Iran's nuclear research.
Some media outlets in Israel are reporting that the radar is meant as compensation for the U.S. opposing preemptive Israeli action against Iran