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Bush begins preparing for White House transition

President Bush signed an executive order Thursday that allows for the creation of a special council to ease the transition of his successor into the White House.
The Presidential Transition Coordinating Council will meet next week to begin mapping a plan to hand the keys to the presidency over to either John McCain or Barack Obama, the Washington Post reports.
The Associated Press reports that the council will consist of top officials from the Justice Department, the White House budget office, Homeland Security and various other agencies in fields ranging from intelligence to national security.
The council will work alongside officials from both campaigns who are already tasked with setting up policies for personnel selections after the election.
Congress has appropriated $8 million to finance the transition operations, the Associated Press reports.
White House press secretary Dana Perino was quoted in the Washington Post as saying, “It has probably never been more critical that a transition from an administration, from one to the next, is as seamless as possible.?