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Gas prices experience record decline

Gas prices fell more over the past two weeks then at any other point in history, according to a nationwide Lundberg survey.
CNN reports that the slide in prices can be attributed to a fall in crude prices and reduced demand as more drivers stayed off the road during the widespread economic downturn.
The national average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $2.7785, according to Reuters, which is about 53 cents less per gallon then the price two weeks ago.
Crude oil prices have fallen from a high $147 a barrel in July all the way to $64.15 a barrel.
Trilby Lundberg, who edits the survey of 5,000 nationwide service station, said that the slide in prices should continue, but a much less drastic pace.
"The price of oil doesn't seem likely to jump up substantially any time soon and, considering the U.S. economy, it seems likely that oil prices will stay in their current neighborhood," Trilby said to CNN.