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Powell endorses Obama presidency

Retired general and former Bush Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Senator Barack Obama for President Sunday on “Meet the Press�, calling him a “transformational figure.�
Powell praised Obama's intellectual abilities and his ability to bring a fresh start to the presidency, the Boston Globe reports.
Powell also said that he was disturbed by the negative tone that John McCain's campaign had taken on in recent weeks, specifically criticizing his continued association of Obama with former 1960's radical William Ayers, according to the New York Times.
Powell also criticized McCain's choice of Sarah Palin as running mate, stating that he did not believe she was ready to president of the United States, the Boston Globe reports.
The New York Times described the endorsement as a “major blow� to John McCain's presidential hopes, as the Republican Powell has been a good friend for decades.
“Meet the Press� host Tom Brokaw asked Powell about the possibility of him serving a role in a potential Obama administration, Powell did not rule out the possibility, saying “if a president asks you to do something, you have to consider it.�