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Advisory panel questions FDA's stance on BPA

The Food and Drug Administration made mistakes in determining the safety of a chemical commonly used in baby bottles in other plastics, a report released Friday said.
The report, released by an FDA advisory board, did not state whether the chemical, known as bisphenol-A, should be considered unsafe but instead called for the agency to redo its assessment of the substance, the Washington Post reports.
According the advisory panel, the agency’s BPA evaluation “creates a false sense of security? and “overlooks a wide range of potentially serious findings,? the New York Times reports.
According to the New York Times, BPA is a chemical commonly used in plastic bottles, baby bottles and canned foods. The chemical appears to have estrogen mimicking effects, which could lead to accelerated puberty or increased cancer risk.
The Washington Post reports that FDA’s current stance on BPA is controversial because it stands against more than 100 studies that say there is “some concern? BPA may affect brain development in small infants.
There is a widespread call for manufacturers to drop BPA from their products but John Rost, chairman of the North American Metal Packaging Manufacturing Association, tells the Washington Post there is no immediate replacement for BPA and it could take up to two years for the FDA to approve an alternative.