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Britain and France push for increased aid to Congo

In a joint statement issued Sunday, Britain and France called for increased aid to war-torn Congo.
The statement came after David Miliband, Foreign Secretary of Britain, and his French counterpart Bernard Kouchner made a visit to the region Friday in response to a sudden escalation in the civil war in eastern Congo, the BBC reports.
In the statement the two called for a strengthening of the cease-fire agreement the two feuding sides agreed to Wednesday. They also called for increased humanitarian assistance, the International Herald Tribune reports.
“The humanitarian needs for food, shelter, water and health care must be met through universal provision and secure routes for delivery,? the two said in the statement.
The BBC reports that the United Nations is continuing with its efforts in the region with it plan to send food and medical supplies to help 250,000 people that have been displaced by the fighting.
The United Nations is also considering re-organizing some of the 16,000 peacekeepers scattered throughout the country in order to reinforce the violent hotspots.