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Diabetes rates growing at staggering pace

The numbers of diabetes diagnoses has nearly doubled over the past ten years, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Thursday.
The Associated Press reports that about 90 percent of new cases are Type 2 diabetes, the form linked with obesity.
There were 1.6 million new adult diagnoses of diabetes last year, bringing the number of affected people nationally at 23 million, the Associated Press reports.
Reuters reports that the diabetes problem is most acute in the south, with nine of the ten states with most new cases coming from that region. Minnesota had the lowest rate of new diabetes diagnoses.
The Associated Press reports that this information will help health officials decide where to focus new prevention campaign.
American Diabetes Association spokesman Matt Petersen told Reuters that the rise in cases is directly tied to the continued increase in obesity rates. He said that once diabetes diagnoses should slow once obesity rates stop rising, but warns that won’t happen for a while. “We won't see the plateau in type 2 diabetes for quite a while."