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Hijacked tanker on the move

Somali pirates who hijacked a Saudi Arabian oil-tanker have moved the vessel because they feared an attack from Islamic militants opposed to piracy.
Bloomberg reports “ the Islamic Courts Union warned the pirates to leave Harardhere� and the tanker was taken out to see to an unknown destination.
Moving the tanker, which holds 2 million barrels of oil, could prove dangerous in the shallow coastal waters, the Financial Times reports.
The pirates are demanding a $25 million ransom for the ship, up from the typical $2 million ransom.
According to Bloomberg, this is the at least the 92nd vehicle hijacked in the Gulf of Aden since January.
Al-Shabaab, an Islamic group told the pirates to release the tanker or face armed conflict, Bloomberg reports.
“Saudi is a Muslim country and it is very big crime to hold Muslim property,� a leader of Al- Shabaab said.